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Cosmetic dentistry - teeth whitening

Cosmetic dentistry - teeth whitening

Having a beautiful, white smile is a dream that can come true.

We invite you to visit our clinic today, to achieve beautiful, healthy and shiny teeth as well as a Hollywood smile.

Most of the celebrity smiles we admire on the cover of glossy magazines are down to dental work and we can do the same for you too. We can adjust the shape of the teeth, eliminate the diastema, correct the gum line, to eliminate unsightly discoloration caused by smoking, drinking coffee, tea or ingesting antibiotics.

Our doctors will offer you the appropriate treatment in order to achieve the desired effect. We use only the most effective and safest method of teeth whitening.

The methods we use are:

  • Beyond Whitening. Applying whitening gel three times in one visit, which will be activated by light.
  • Overlay whitening. This is applied at home either in the day or night, using individually made retainers.
  • Whitening dead teeth. We achieve excellent results in the correction of shape, colour and position of teeth by performing:
  • Veneers and all-ceramic crowns and zirconium
  • Art gum-for improvement of the smile line
  • Orthodontic appliances.