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Implants and dental surgery

Implants and dental surgery

Implants are the latest and most comfortable solution in the absence of one or more teeth. Your new tooth that feels just as natural is embedded in the bone and does not interfere with other teeth, leaving them intact. Dental implant (titanium, the material is non-allergic) is the only solution that does not only mask the lack of a tooth, it replaces, and works and looks like a real tooth. We invite you for a consultation on implantology so we are able to execute pantographs, specify the conditions for implantation and further determine a treatment plan. The implant treatment is painless. During and after the surgery, the patient will feel comfortable and will leave the clinic with a temporary supplement. The final stage of treatment (usually after 3 months) is to make a prosthetic restoration.

In addition to the comfort of the implant and its aesthetic appearance: dental implants prevent bone atrophy, reproduce proper functions of chewing and biting and support the soft tissues (cheeks, lips) reducing wrinkles.

Dental surgery

Our experienced doctors care about the comfort of patients so that treatments in our clinic are held without pain. We offer the full spectrum of treatments, from the simplest to the most complex of procedures. We promise to take care of you in a cordial atmosphere, ensuring minimal invasiveness of the procedure, which speeds up the healing process and ensures the possibility of subsequent reconstruction of a missing tooth using the latest global techniques.


  • Tooth extraction
  • Implants
  • Surgical crown lengthening
  • Bone regeneration treatments
  • Root tip re-sections
  • Hemi-sections
  • Root extrusions
  • Uncovering of impacted teeth for orthodontic
  • Gingivoplasty (correction of smile lines)
  • Undercutting frenulum
  • Open and closed curettage
  • Gingival grafts
  • Coverage of gingival recession
  • Raising the sinus open and closed
  • Alveoloplasty
  • Supplies connection oro-sinus