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Toruńska 2d Wrocław,
Dolnośląskie 51-164 +48 71 721 10 14
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Your teeth are our priority. Therefore, having implants fitted will be our last resort. With the use of new generation equipment, we are able to treat the most complex cases with a single visit. This enables us to preserve your teeth, which may have otherwise been removed.

The equipment that we use:

  • Microscope
  • Endodontic micromotor
  • Endodontic scaler
  • RVG - radiovisiography
  • Raypex (measurement canal length)

Endodontic (Root Canal) treatment is needed when the pulp (blood vessels and nerves inside the tooth) become infected by injury or untreated caries. The combination of our doctors knowledge and experience, allows us to perform painless treatments in a single visit. We are able to do this with the use of operating microscopes and endometers as it allows us to accurately measure the depth of the root canal.